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Want Financial Freedom - or any freedom at all?

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All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. - Thomas Jefferson

Freedom Tomorrow Requires Financial Literacy Today!


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"The bottom line on the current international financial crisis is lack of Financial Literacy.
People in general do not understand the basics of money and finance. And that, obviously,
includes many of our government and financial leaders.

Those that profit from the turmoil may understand the basics all too well. And work overtime to make them complex so that "the rest of us" are at a major disadvantage.

We have a proven track record of simplifying money, finance and investing. We help people become financially literate rapidly. We want to accelerate that help."

You can become competent in financial and investment basics starting right now!

Larry Byrnes - Founder

The keys to success in any profession are the basics.
When you get the basics right, you are set for life.
Competence Software Finance and Investing courses deliver Financial Literacy.



Business Finance and Investment Literacy
eLearning Courses
Sarbanes Oxley Simplified
Sarbanes Oxley Simplified

made simple
fun to learn


How can you better your position at work ?

How can you help improve the business that pays you?

How can you better the state of existence of your family?

How do you invest to achieve personal Financial Freedom?

By using these computer based training courses, you can start understanding the languages of business finance, investing and computer technology. Ability to communicate in these languages is a major key to personal advancement and financial success in today's "information age" and global economy.

Perhaps the most important skill you can gain to ensure financial freedom and success for yourself, your family and your business is Financial Literacy!

We supply a thorough basic education in Finance, Investing and Computer Technology. We do not assume you are already a financial, investing or technology wizard. We simplify these complex subjects and make them understandable by anyone who can read and "point and click". Our clients, both expert and novice alike, tell us they greatly benefit from completing our courses - and have fun doing so.

Over 500,000 of our online business finance, investing and basic computer technology courses are in use by individuals in businesses large and small.

eLearning - Online Training

Our online training tutorials (also known as "eLearning") can train virtually anyone to be competent in these three areas:

  • The Basics of Computer Technology
  • The Basics of Business Finance
  • The Basics of Investing

Business Finance and Investing e-learning for individuals:

Our eLearning tutorials are available for you to study at work or at home on your own schedule to sharpen your skills or bring you up to speed in these areas.

If you are an individual who wants to learn one of these subjects yourself, click here for an overview of the courses we offer to individuals.

Business Finance and Investing e-learning for trainers:

Thousands of trainers and educators already use our eLearning tutorials to train others to achieve competence in these very useful subjects. You, too, can easily train others in these subjects by using our tutorials!

If you are a trainer or educator responsible for transferring knowledge, click here for an overview of the services we offer trainers, teachers and educators.

You can also learn about our products and our company by using our navigation menu at left or the links at the bottom of each page.

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