Financial Competence Course Description

Course Description

We start with the most basic concepts of what business financial statements are and then, on a gradient, introduce more advanced concepts. The concepts include the creation and analysis of financial statements and the key financial statistics that are used to judge the performance of a business.

You can learn at your own pace and at your convenience, at home or at work. Simple drills are provided so that you can interactively practice with the material until you fully grasp and are comfortable with the data being presented to you. In addition, we make every effort to ensure that you fully understand the terminology of financial statements.

The Financial Competence Course uses sounds, graphics, animations and interactions to simplify and teach you the basics of business finance. Click here to see a full Course Outline.

Some of the many features of the Financial Competence Course:

  • fun and educational
  • self-paced — move at your own speed through the course
  • self-administered
  • self-tested
  • breaks the time barrier to training – no travel required
  • requires no previous finance training
  • weak areas are marked for review
  • you can obtain a certificate (suitable for framing) upon completion
  • cost effective – this is a robust course at a small fee
  • in use by major corporations around the world to train employees and clients

The Financial Competence course is ideal for any individual who needs to understand basic business finances including:

  • managers
  • employees who approve vendors or customer credit applications
  • personnel who draft or approve budgets
  • sales and account executives who need to communicate with clients about the financial impact of purchases
  • credit analysts and customer service representatives
  • store or franchise managers
  • students
  • small business owners
  • investors

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