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Welcome to the Postcardmania Financial Competence course download page.

Follow the instructions below the download button and install your Financial Competence course.

Click Here to download the course file.

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  1. Download the .zip file and unzip the file
  2. There is only only file that has been zipped – setupfc30.exe
  3. If you do not have zip/unzip software, here is a FREE and good quality zip/unzip program that you can download and install –
  4. Click on setupfc30.exe and follow the install instructions. If you get a message from Windows saying the file may be unsafe select the option to install anyhow. (Windows will warn you on all .exe files. This setupfc30.exe file has been installed over 100,000 times with no difficulty.)
  5. Call Competence Software at 727-459-0531 or email us at if any questions.
  6. Have Fun!

Click on this link to download the Financial Competence course now.

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Larry Byrnes
Founder Competence Software


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