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The Understanding Computers Course

e-Learning can be fun! Our Understanding Computers course makes it fun for you to gain a basic understanding of computers and technology. To see a demonstration try one of our Word Gems for yourself. See how easy they are and how much is covered in one simple lesson! The sample Word Gems at right are straight from our Understanding Computers course.

Course Description

This course takes you through the fundamentals of personal computing by focusing on the history and development of the computer. It explains basic computer terms and helps show you what computers are capable of doing. Its focus is on the history and evolution of the computer from the early days of the ENIAC up to the IBM PC.

The course includes 35 knowledge-packed, interactive lessons designed to make the learning process fun as well as educational. Also includes a syllabus, glossary and index.

If you are an absolute beginner to PCs, this course is tailored just for you, but would also be very useful to fill in missing background for anyone with some PC experience. Learn the basics of hardware, operating systems, application software and networking to an extent that you never believed possible.

Two learning assistants -- a magical genie and a businessman -- make for a comical presentation of what would otherwise be very dry material. The course is very visually oriented, with many animations that demonstrate the concepts being explained. Some of these animations are interactive, giving you a chance to interact with the materials so you have better retention of what you study.

This course cuts through the "techno-babble" and simplifies all the complexities of computers, from the inner workings of a computer to the graphical user interface.

This course also answers all those questions people have about computers but are afraid to ask!

Brought to you by the developers of the highly acclaimed Financial Competence® and Investment Competence® eLearning tutorials with over half a million courses in use by individuals and corporations large and small.

To see the full Course Outline click here.

Overall, Understanding Computers is an excellent course on the basics of computers which maintains an exceptional level of technical detail.

Complete this course and you'll amaze your friends and business associates with your knowledge of what makes a computer system tick.

(Available for Microsoft Internet Explorer only)

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Testimonials from Novice Computer Users

I loved the program and enjoyed working with it. I am sorry it is over. It was so informative, I learned so much. Now I understand what went into the making of this program. -- C.M.

I liked the gradient learning. Each lesson was more challenging so I felt like I was responsible for really understanding so I could move to the next lesson. Subsequent lessons tied in the prior lessons. I feel more understanding for computers. Good job. I would have no hesitation on recommending this to others. -- J.H.

Anyone with a computer should do this course. -- T.S.

Enjoyed knowing the history and background of computers. But, when it came to talking about the binary digits, the CPU, the RAM, the Micro Processors, the floppy disks, getting away from DOS, the hard drive being C, and the floppies being A & B, the silicon chips -- those were the things I really enjoyed learning about. The course is extremely good. Thank you for you everything. -- A.N.

The course has been extremely educational and fascinating. -- J.B.

The course went very smoothly. No problems at all. The course was fun and easy to follow. It gives good basic understanding of computers. Even binary coding was easy to understand. I now know the difference between Fortran and Cobol programming... knew there was a difference, but just didn't know what.

The history of the computers was very interesting. You guys did a great job of tying all of the course contents together. and the humor was funny and helped to highlight the important points. -- K.J.

I just completed the course Understanding Computers and it's great. REALLY LOVED the course!! -- J.D.

I do like the course! It's interesting because, I knew bits and pieces of the course before I started but I never knew how they all fit together. By doing the course I'm now getting an understanding of how it all works! -- S.J.

Testimonials from Programmers

I really enjoyed the online study of "Understanding Computers". It was entertaining and informative. How many computer courses have tried to describe computer machine code to a student? Well this one does it and does it famously.

Although I had grown with the development of the computer in my long career, this course was a refreshing review of my own history with computers. Great Course! -- V.G.

I really enjoyed doing this course.

I have been programming for a number of years, but was missing some basic information about how computers work. This course filled in the missing information that I needed. I now feel more comfortable with using a computer and have a keen desire to learn new technology. The course really expanded my horizons as a programmer. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get a better understanding of how computers work. --P.L.

I have been working with computers for the past few years. So when I took the Understanding Computers course, I knew quite a lot about computers, or so I thought. Going through the evolution of computers filled numerous voids I had on the subject. The course was fun to do. I love the ability to go through it as fast as I want and to repeat any chapter I want by the click of the mouse. I learned how simple it all really is. Had I done this course a few years ago, I would have had a much easier time with the whole subject. I had to decide to work with an alien and find out as I went along. This course not only introduces this alien "the Computer", it explains it and teaches how to speak with it. It really makes a friend of the alien for you.

To anyone whose stare goes blank when questioned about "COMPUTERS", I say this course will blow that fear away. In fact this is a spring board to new skills and fun. -- F.P.

I really enjoyed doing the Understanding Computers course. Even though I am experienced with computers, I got a lot out of this course -- the historical background was terrific, and I particularly appreciated how the evolution toward the Windows platform was explained. Also, I had my husband do this course. For many years, I have provided tech support for him when he gets tangled up trying to do something on his computer. As a result of doing the course, he is much more able to use the computer to do what he needs, and has much more affinity for the machine and its software. -- D.B.

At some point while doing the Understanding Computers course I began to feel more comfortable with my computer. By the end of the course I felt very comfortable with the computer and my knowledge that I understood how it worked and how it evolved. -- D.C.

When I started the Understanding Computers course I thought that maybe I would learn some cute things. I have been working in the computer field for 15 years. By the end of the course I realized I had learned quite a bit and my understanding of the computer increased greatly. I got much more from the course than I expected. I would recommend this course to anyone regardless of prior experience.

I found the Understanding Computers Course fun to do and very educational. I liked the fact that a lot of what we now know as a "computer" had "need" as its driving force like the chance meeting between the American Airlines executive and the IBM Sales Rep. Although I already knew of a lot of the data in the course, it gave me the specifics of why such and such a thing occurred like the Pascaline being built to calculate taxes or Babbage's machine for producing math tables directly to avoid navigational mistakes.

In each case, there was a real situation that was causing a problem needing an easier better solution. I liked the interaction between Genie and Big Al because it injected some humor into an otherwise dry subject. I liked the quizzes and also the easy manner in which these and the lessons could be done. -- T.S.

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