What is Debt Slavery?

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Why would anyone want to understand the basics  of
Money, Finance, Investing and Economics? 

Look at this graph of the USA’s government debt.

This is the impossible debt you, your children, grandchildren and your fellow Americans are expected to pay.

And it is worsening by the minute – see this real time update at  www.usdebtclock.org/

Anyone out there believe that this impossible debt that we are expected to pay is an accident?

This debt slavery is an OLD OLD game.

At least over 3000 years old.

It was used to enslave the citizens of Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Europe and now the United States of America.

This enslavement system destroyed all of these earlier civilizations and has just about destroyed our “modern” civilization.

Many of America’s leaders have warned us and predicted this result.



Leaders like Thomas Jefferson




Andrew Jackson



Henry Ford

John F. Kennedy




Senator Barry Goldwater – Arizona

Congressman Ron Paul – Texas

Lincoln and JFK



These two American presidents directly identified the source of the problem and took Executive Actions to wrest control of America from the criminals who control the bankster cult.

So who are the self-admitted leaders of this destructive cult of greed?



Here’s one of them.


Here another – one of the main founders of the destructive bankster cult whose offspring continue to control the financial enslavement system.



Surely the “mainstream” media should be covering this – right?

Unless the media is owned and scripted by the same destructive bankster cult?

Note well the arrogance and admitted guilt from Rothschild and Rockefeller.



Here are some of the current administrative agents for this destructive bankster cult.

How do these socioathic “t0o big to jail elite” get us into so much debt?

By financing BOTH sides of all wars – including the current orchestrated “war on terror”.



But are we all not somewhat responsible for allowing the criminal banksters to enslave us?

Maybe we all can learn the basics language of Finance and speak up?

Larry Byrnes
Competence Software


  1. Here is a video interview with J Fletcher Prouty on the destructive arbitrary laid in by Thomas Malthus, a British “Scientist” while working for the Bankster Cult controlled British East India Company which tried and failed to depopulate a large percentage of the world. The “elite” viewpoint has little tolerance for the “rest of us”.

    Prouty then describes his first hand experience in how the Korean War, Viet Nam War and he “War on terrorism” are all orchestrated by the same “elite” sociopaths. And how JFK was sabotaged and assassinated by the agents of the same “elite” vested interests.



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