What others say about Financial Competence

“I really liked it … it was basic in its terminology and did not assume that you already knew the data.” — Cynthia E. Green, Johnson Controls

“Found it very helpful indeed. It helped me understand financial statements, especially the balance sheet. I am a Credit Manager and there are 7 other credit managers taking the course now.” — Ken Hamill, Action Industries

“Felt program was good … some of it was a review for me … good exercises. Definitely a good program. I did as refresher. Quite a few employees here have enrolled to do it.” — Misty Calhoun, IBM Global Financing

“Found it very useful. I am a financial analyst in commercial lending here at US Bank and deal with screwed up financial statements all the time and try to make sense out of them. Some people go to college for years to learn this stuff … I found it very useful.” — J. Randall White, US Bank

“Very good class … real comparable to first year accounting class at University of Alabama … it was real good information … covered all the materials and structure was excellent.” — Bruce Kilgore, BellSouth Telecom

“I felt there was a lot of good information that I was not aware of before. The test helped me come up to par. Good tools which I wasn’t aware of which I can use to help improve business.” — Chris Spartalis, Westside Volvo

“… it was very helpful.” — Kathryn J. Daily, Pacific Gas & Electric

“I liked it … it covered a broad aspect of credit … it was easy to complete in one’s own time … the reviews helped. Overall, I thought it was very good.” —Ken Odger, United Grain Growers

“It was great. As a manager I do budgets, so it gave me a good overall picture.” — Sara Adcox, Nortel

“Extremely beneficial; easily read and well designed.” — Gary Cady, Westside Volvo

“Thought it was very good … easy to follow and entertaining at times. My suggestion here at Amoco is to make a bunch of business leaders take the course. When I’m talking to them about cash flows … they don’t understand … they don’t get it. I was telling a friend of mine about Financial Competence who is a small business owner as it makes so much sense to gain those abilities. The Marketing people – even the MBAs don’t understand risk and Financial Competence would help them as they are decision makers.” — Lorie Georgeson, Amoco Canada

“… the glossary helped me because I didn’t know the definitions. The whole thing was helpful … liked how it showed how the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement were integrated. Would recommend it.” —Nicola Jones, Client Services Rep

“I’m a credit analyst and Financial Competence definitely helped me. It was very good and easy to use and understand. I would definitely recommend the course.” — Lisa Hutchinson, Caterpillar

“I had never had a financial background and this REALLY helped me. Am involved in looking at new farm stores – credit balances etc. and Financial Competence helped tremendously. I know what I’m talking about now. Enjoyed taking course – financial statements were my weakness.” — Thomas Burwell, Cargill

“It helped me more with financial terminology more than anything. Took me back to college. Got me up to date with terminology. Would definitely recommend.” — Marvin L. Royal, Environmental Biotech

“Was a wonderful course – easy to use and very user friendly. I learned a lot about finance in the course which I took as a pre-requisite to the Executive MBA program at the University of Toledo.” — Katrina Kinzel, General Mills

“Financial Competence really helped me understand each part of the financial and how it fits in. It is a great course and really explained what I needed to know.” — Jackie Tedesco, Deutsche Financial

“Very well done … quite thorough … easy to understand. I liked the way balance sheet and the income statement showed relationship to each other … thought that was excellent. Very meaty … graphics good and simplified it. Did not have to read anything twice to get it.” — Carol Vlahos, Volvo

“… an ideal tool for our staff who need a basic, easy to use package for self-study training.…” — General Electric

“… Financial Competence software communicates simply and effectively what financial statements are and how they relate to productivity. … We have viewed many products and services in the area of financial training and found Financial Competence to communicate most effectively these concepts in a step-by-step, interactive format.” — Entergy

“Our business policy professors have been excited about our purchase of ‘Financial Competence’. They use the tutorials in our computer labs as a refresher course for Finance and Accounting for our graduating seniors. Our faculty has been ecstatic over the purchase and its impact on student performance.” — University of Nevada Las Vegas

“This is the kind of adult instruction that is needed by every small business person … Money invested in ‘Financial Competence’ is well spent.” —California Franchise Association

“It was clear, concise, entertaining and, above all, relevant.” — Accounting Consultant in Philadelphia

“… very beneficial to my clients so that they understand more of what I do as their CPA. The product is laid out in an easy to follow manner for my clients and is very easy to work with.” — Thomas & Associates

“In short, Financial Competence is a fun, easy way to get the benefits of business experience without having to invest the labor and capital – or incur the risk – a real-life enterprise demands.” — Home PC magazine

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