What others say about Investment Competence

“… a great tool for garnering a better understanding of the financial markets.” —Personal Finance

“…Investment Basics is fun because the user is actively involved in each lesson, making his or her own decisions. It covers such topics as returns on investment, the stock market, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, real estate, financial planning, and credit ratings.” —Your Money

Many programs help you manage and track your investments, but few help you make any sense of the market itself. Investment Basics is one such program. … It teaches exactly what it promises: the basics of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, and all those financial concepts that everyone’s heard of but no one can explain. — MacHome Journal

“This computer based training tool from Competence Software Inc. delineates investment fundamentals for the investor with little or no financial experience and provides information for the more advanced user attempting to fine-tune his financial knowledge.” — ABA Banking Journal

“The strength … is the depth of the material available. This is more than just financial planning. This is an educational course about how financial markets work, what actually constitutes capital gain, and why it’s important to understand inflation. No assumptions are made about the user’s level of understanding so even the most unsophisticated 401(k) plan participant will not be left adrift. … Armed with a solid understanding of investment basics … 401(k) participants can move to sections like Getting Started. At this point, users are becoming conversant with successful investment strategies and can review how each might work for their particular investment objectives … Another important point: It’s fun. IOMA’s reviewer spent more time than was necessary to analyze and report on the product.” —IOMA’s Report on Managing 401(k) Plans, April 1997

“Investment Basics … presents numerous procedures so users can practice the major concepts until they understand them. Users can also test themselves and then restudy any areas necessary.” — Wall Street & Technology

“I just finished running through Investment Basics and liked it very much.” — Financial Editor – Worth Magazine

“This is a teacher, and a good one … Tell you a funny thing. The day after we did Basics (Investment Basics) we happened to turn to the newspaper’s financial section. Things that used to float under our nose with no understanding began to make more sense. Provided you use it for what it’s intended – a teacher – [Investment] Basics can sure stretch your financial horizons.” — PC Paper

“This course is ideal for anyone new to investing or looking to broaden his or her investment knowledge.” — Headlight.com

“Investment Competence can help you learn how to become a competent investor, understand the basic principles of investing, overcome barriers to investing and plan for your financial future.” — Arthur Anderson Virtual Learning Network

“The Dutch bought Manhattan a couple hundred years ago for $20 worth of beads. This course can’t guarantee that you’ll make similarly good deals, but it does a good job of telling you what kinds of investments are out there, how they work, and how you can use them to make your own Manhattan. Or at least your own New Jersey.” — Click2Learn

“I was interested in it. I’m involved in doing presentations to clients. Software was put together nicely and keeps interest level up.” — Patty Lloyd, VP Private Banking, Old Kent Bank

“Found it really helpful. Very beneficial … I am a private banker selling CDs … Investment Competence makes you more cognizant of other funds. Could help clients.” — Therese Stone, Old Kent Bank

“I liked it a lot … it was very visual. I had zero experience and it really helped me see and do. I would recommend it to anyone.” — Andrey King, Old Kent Bank

“I got some feedback from the 32 employees who did the course. They said they were more knowledgeable about investing. They all work in the Private Banking sector. … Investment Competence was good. … It was easy to go through, and they were able to go through it without frustration. It was a good foundation for … a talk from the CFO regarding the investing philosophy of the bank. They could understand what he was talking about and it helped them prepare for that.” — Deb Ralya, Trainer, Old Kent Bank

“It got me interested. I had taken a lot of business type courses before, and I liked it.” —Erin Stacey, Richmond Savings

“Main thing was it helped me with terminology involved in investing and the stock market. I didn’t know anything before. The graphics really helped me because I’m more of a visual person.” — Matt Paterson, Sprint

“Whenever someone asks me something I say, ‘Oh, I know about that’ and I refer to the Investment Competence booklet.” — Angela Achee, Fascorp

“Course was good and helpful … helped me understand investing. Would recommend it to others … Sprint University already recommends it.” — Neal Hardin, Sprint

“Gave me a better understanding of terms for 401(k). Compared well against current Fidelity data … Investment Competence is more detailed.” — Barbara Hansen, Sprint

“Was interesting … good course and very helpful.” — Terry Pait, Sprint

“It was for my 401(k) … made me more familiar … now understand my options much better.” — Shellie Asberry, Sprint

“It helped me because it explained the terminology … was very clear and helped me understand the concepts of investing.” — Jane Byrnes, Sprint

“The biggest advantage was relationships between markets … when one goes this way … what the others do. Not all brand new to me, but I had been out of the field for some time and am using the data on personal level.” — James Edwards, Sprint

“It helped me. Graphics and examples were really informative … different rates of return, etc. … all helpful. Wanted information and got it regarding stocks, bonds, etc. Would recommend.” — Dawn Griffin, Sprint

“As I was taking Investment Competence, I was also working on the Canadian Securities Course … to learn about selling stocks and bonds … so used Investment Competence as my final review for facts and figures and passed the exam. It was pretty basic … not too complex.” — Jason Desaulniers, VanCity Credit Union

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