Competence Software was founded in 1992 with the purpose of helping to increase Financial Literacy for everyone.

For way too long, many of us have fallen prey to “experts” who make Finance and Investing complex and use this needless complexity to control and/or gain an unfair advantage.

So we simplified the subjects of Finance and Investing and provide self-paced, simple, fun basic courses for “the rest of us”.

We have delivered several hundred thousand courses to individuals in businesses large and small as well as Executive MBA programs at leading universities.

Positive feedback has proven beyond a doubt that:

  1. Finance and Investing basics can be learned by anyone in a few hours – not months or years,
  2. Once a firm grasp of the basics has been achieved, you can more than hold your own in the sometimes esoteric and daunting universe of Finance speak and Investment speak,
  3. Like all other subjects, THE key to financial success and independence is a thorough understanding of the basic language and principles,
  4. One does not have to obtain expensive degrees or rely solely on “experts” to achieve financial success.

We believe that each of us is responsible for our own financial condition.

We are convinced that you and anyone else can learn finance and investing sufficiently well and achieve whatever degree of financial freedom you so desire.

Please feel free to join the discussion and contribute your personal experience and ideas.

Your help in achieving a broad financial literacy in the public at large will not only give you lasting satisfaction but may well be THE key to future freedom for all of us.

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