Honesty is the first chapter in the of book wisdom

― Thomas Jefferson

Financial Competence Graduates

“This is a very good course, especially for someone with little or no exposure to financial reports. Because I have had this exposure, the first part of the course was a refresher, but there’s nothing wrong with that! What I really benefited from later in the course was the explanation of how the statements link together.  I strongly recommend the course for anyone not familiar with corporate finance and as a review for those who do.”

Evelyn Martinez, Caterpillar Financial


Investment Competence Graduates

“This is a wonderful course! Additionally, when I called with questions, the people I spoke with were friendly and helpful. I am looking forward to receiving a catalog or additional information on other courses … Thanks for a great product!” Marty Harvey, Sprint


Wealth Competence Outline

The Big “SECRET” to accumulating Wealth:

1) EARN before spending
2) Spend less than Earn
3) Accumulate savings

The road to poverty and financial enslavement:

1) SPEND before earning
2) Spend more than earned
3) Accumulate DEBT

Larry Byrnes, Competence Software


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